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About the United Assemblers Network

The United Assemblers Network (UAN) is First and foremost, a high quality and experienced resource for the consumer and end user, ensuring that you have the best possible service provider in the industry. This network is NOT a National Assembly Company. We provide a zip code search directory where you can contact any of our certified technicians directly, and schedule a time to have your installation, assembly and repairs taken care of, no matter where you may live in the country.

It should be noted that the consumer has long been promised by retailers, online dealers and distributors that their technicians are qualified professionals, all the while knowing the technician does not actually work for them. In most cases the retail associates have no idea the the store they work for is actually promoting the service through a National Assembly Company (NAC) that is contracted with the store. The NAC in turn, hires independent contractors to accomplish assembly and installation tasks as cheaply as possible. Quality of work, therefore, is not a high priority with the NAC.

Being a consumer, you want to receive what you pay for. Unfortunately, because of the current NAC business model, with almost all retailers dictating pricing, any NAC’s chances of scheduling a professional to show up at your door is only by chance. You never know who is going to show up, if in fact they ever do show up at all. The United Assemblers Network is THE only entity that provides true training and certifications, to make sure the consumer gets everything and more when they spend their hard earned dollars on service.

The UAN is endorsed and utilized by dozens of online and retail companies, recommending our services to their customers who purchase their products, be it basketball goals, play sets, trampolines, sheds, furniture, fitness equipment, grills, bicycles, and much, much more. “Virtually everything that comes in a box or crate and requires assembly or installation, we build it!”

We hope you will consider utilizing our certified technicians and their resources to have your equipment installed and assembled professionally and efficiently.


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